How to Write An Amazing About Page that Converts

We’ve spent a quite a lot of time in the studio designing new websites for our clients. We found ourselves in conversations with our clients about essential pages needed in every web design project that leads to conversion, sales and overall brand loyalty. It’s important for us to educate our clients that great web design is only effective with strong copy and visuals. Both are super important facets of a skillfully branded website. Today, we are talking specifically on the often-overlooked “About” page. We’ve seen far too often golden missed opportunities to relate to your target audience and share your ultimate why. Let’s us remind you, your brand’s why is ultimately that hugest conversion factor. More often than not, our clients struggle with their about page as they have difficulty talking about themselves. Therefore, we’d love to give you some tips. Here are tips to craft the perfect about page.

AFLD Creative Agency Memphis Branding and Creative Studio shares how to write an about page that converts

Write to your ideal audience.

Often times, we forget but it’s not all about you. I know the title page states “About Us”. However, your about page should be about you as it relates to your business. This page is really about your audience and connecting with them through your story and brand.

Think about your ideal customer and all the ways you might relate to them. You can even call out your target audience. For example, the first paragraph on our about page reads: “Guided by this philosophy, the studio unites storytellers, brand builders, strategists and passionate creators who share a zeal for the unique, multifaceted process of building a lifestyle brand”.

 Anyone who reads that statement knows immediately who the site and products are for. It illustrates our intention to work with a specific type of client as well.

Differentiate yourself from the competition.

There are dozens on dozens of businesses in creative industries similar to yours. What makes you different? If it’s your experience and expertise, include your credentials. If it’s your business ethics or rates, this is the time to tout it!

 Your “About” page is an autobiography and a sales pitch—a place where you present the best version of yourself and your business. Convince them and seell it! Don’t be afraid to include links to published or featured work, client testimonials and past projects. If it makes you proud, include it. If it could help potential clients decide to hire you, include it.

Share your “why.”

Now the reader know what your website is, who it is for and the value it brings, it’s time to get personal. Humanize your brand by sharing the person behind the service. Keep your audience in mind as you share about your purpose in creating your business. Share about your life as it relates to your experience. If you have an ultimate “why,” this is where it belongs. What makes you so passionate about your service that you have made it your life’s work?

It is also totally cool and quite convincing to allow the reader to get to know you better. Share your interests, hobbies, favorite projects, and inspiration. We also recommend that you include a high-quality photo. Customers love to put a face with a name – especially in industries like fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Remember content is king and photos are queen.

Create a call to action.

Here is the gold! If written effectively, the information on this page should translate and lead to more time on your site. Lead your potential customers where you want them to go so they don’t click away and forget how amazing it would be to work with you.

 If you have a newsletter sign-up or social media pages, link them at the bottom. With an effective user interface strategy, you can navigate them in the direction of your contact page to send an inquiry. This is also where we’d direct sponsorship inquiries and collaboration pitches.

Most importantly, make sure you services page is easy to navigate to from your “about” page as well, as many potential clients land there first. Bonus points for including more backlinks to your other site pages throughout your “about” copy, especially to your services or portfolio. Every time you can effective link back to another page on your site, Google rewards you in search result rankings.

Make it SEO friendly.

Once you’re finished writing, go back and check for keywords that might be helpful for search engine optimization. . This is the easiest page to weave in organic SEO. Be sure to include your location, specific descriptions of what you do and, as mentioned above, who your business is for. It might feel obvious or redundant, but if you’re a fashion designer in Memphis, those words need to be in your copy. Like we mentioned in the first tip, think about what search terms your ideal client might use and find a way to incorporate those words.


These tips should help you write an “ABOUT” page that is authentic and on-brand, but if DIY isn’t for you, AFLD Creative offers copywriting with our web design packages for brands.