Is it Time for a Rebrand?

We recently worked with a client who has brand that we didn’t create.

She’s a good friend of ours, her name is Tiena. Tiena is a fashion designer and has a collection of impeccably crafted garments that every woman would be honored to wear , but she came to me struggling with her business.

She was frustrated that her hard work wasn’t being reaping the financial benefits she felt she deserved. She wanted a total brand makeover and after assessing her current branding, website and social media I agreed. What was lacking was storytelling and consistency, everything need to come together seamlessly.

AFLD Creative Studio shares when to rebrand

And that’s where the Brand Design began.

We get it, many business owners are afraid of the financial investment involved in developing a new brand. They either DIY or higher designers for small projects and make the rest work on their own. The thought process is normally that once they can afford a branding they’ll eventually invest in it.

Then the light bulb switches. It’s amazing when business owners realize that growth requires taking the necessary steps forward to elevate. Here is how you know when it is time to rebrand a few elements or if a total rebrand is needed.

Rebrand A Few Elements

As you look back at your brand, you agree that your current brand is on-point with communicating to your target audience. It just needs refresh a few elements…

A Consistent Color Palette

If you started out with a wide color palette and you feel at a loss which colors are aligned with your industry and brand or which colors to focus on, you may just need a designer’s eye to help you step out of your comfort zone.

For Tiena, she had a one defining colo, red, but I chose to focus one bringing more colors into her brand color palette that defined her ideal woman and communicated to her luxury clientele she was aiming to attract.

So, if you’re trying to refresh your branding, a defined color palette is important. Taper your main colors to 2 or 3. Then, add 3 additional complimentary colors that add detail and dimension.

Make Your Brand Consistent

 Let’s face it things can become a tad bit overwhelming managing multiple social media platforms and a website. Business owners are now managing brick and mortar and/or website, social media platforms to post on multiple times a day, while maintaining a brand. This is why it is critical to have consistency in branding.

For Tiena, we knew that it was of the utmost importance that her Instagram and website match seamlessly. We encouraged her to shot a new ad campaign with images that better reflected her target audience and brand style.

We both knew it was time to properly plan ad campaign photoshoots, creative direction, and model casting. We wanted to use models to reflect the experience and lifestyle of the TIENA woman. It is also important to note, doing this type of photoshoot will make the TIENA brand stand out with professional photography using models to show her garments.

Doing a brand photoshoot this way also gave me as the designer complete control with the colors we would use in the photos and how we can make them match her brand. Not only that, but I could make the transition between her website and social media seamless with styled photography that that could be both cohesive and recognizable. 

Standing out in your industry is paramount and a way to do that is with tailored photos to match your special brand that can be translated across many platforms.

Update Your Website

One major part of a brand refresh is to update your online presence or portfolio with not only new photos but also with a new layout and copy if you need it.

But visually, new images are key to giving your website a little face-lift. It’s good to do a brand refresh every 6 months to a year to keep your portfolio and services updated and your photos recent and relevant. Reason being, is that your images will stay fresh and can grow with your brand.

One of the main concerns with Tiena’s website was that when her website was first launched, her collection differed, her brand and woman had evolved. So we wanted to make sure that the website reflected her growth in style and experience.

So, we decided the best way to update her website and social media would be with a new color palette, typography, layout, and website design. We also added in key elements of the fashion industry like a branded seasonal lookbook.

AFLD Creative Studio shares how to know when it is time for a rebrand

 A Total Rebrand

 Rebranding is when you create a whole new look for your business including a new logo, new color palette and new copy to express your views, values, and personality with your business. If you’re not sure if you need to rebrand or not, here are some key factors that will be an indicator it’s time for a new direction

 Brand Communication is OFF

 It doesn’t matter how great your brand is, if it’s not appealing to your target market, it’s not working.

The most important thing with branding is making sure your business has a voice but also making sure those potential customers understand your story.

If you’ve been in business for about a year and recognize that your ideal client isn’t finding you or that your marketing efforts are not clear then you may be up for a rebrand.

 Your Visuals are not Cohesive

 Like it or not, having a beautiful or at least professional photos are a requirement for a professional business. And cohesive visuals are a huge part of that.

Having great photos represents that you are professional and communicates your value the most effectively. If you’re struggling with making sure all your social media platforms have a consistent look or that your website’s photos are all professional looking you may need to seriously consider hiring a brand photographer.

Having clear, consistent, and quality photos make a huge impact to potential clients by showing off that you are professional and knowledgeable.  

Your Website is Fuzzy

The purpose of your website is to guide the user through all the aspects of your business and direct them to your desired outcome, whether you want them to make a purchase or book your services.

It’s the website’s job to be your visual business card and show people how to hire you and what is important about your business and why it matters.

If you’ve been having trouble with people understanding and seeing the value you offer, then perhaps you need to have your website redesigned to make the user experience simple, conclusive, and effective.

AFLD Creative Studio shares when it is time for a rebrand

So those are the reasons you would either need to rebrand or refresh your brand. Raised your hand on either one? Are you ready for a rebrand or a refresh? If yes, click here